HardCOREfunctional kettlebell training ideas nr. 1

HardCOREfunctional  kb training ideas nr. 1

I hope ya’ll are doing well. It’s time for some inspiration for the people looking for anTraining Inspiration w/ hardcore & functional idea for a training session. I’ll be posting something like this from time to time. So keep your eyes open.

What you see in the video was from when I was still doing legs one day and body/arm the next. It was part of the training, I did to work on shoulder stability for my collar bone injury. As you can deduce, I have changed things a little. I have started my old program with lighter weights.

For some of the ice skater I teach, who might find their way to this blog entry… notice the technique in the training. I did a different program than the edt’s that ya’ll do, but technique/ the weakest link principle decided when I stopped and rested. When there was not any more pop or spring in the drill anymore … I stopped. It was all about dynamic power not strength.My front squat is somewhere around 100 kilo’s depending on the day right now. What I did that day and on the days that I am looking to do something different is simple. The first set after warming up was around 20 reps, the next was ca. 15 and the last 2 were 10-12 reps. Nothing was carved into stone! when the pop was gone I stopped.

The training session is mostly for core and legs. I did some calf training as well.

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Any Hoo! That’s it for now, enjoy the sunshine  if you are in the Copenhagen area and have a great Sunday!

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Airport food with the Food Babe and an update.

hardcore and functional food talkI hope ya’ll are doing well. I ran across the blog entry below and thought it was appr. regarding the summer vacation. Many people are traveling and there are those who try not to feel badly because they eat the airport food or some other food.

It’s no secret that my family eats paleo’ish / primal’ish or just real food as it can said. Once you get used to knowing, how it feels to feel good because of the food you eat, it becomes hard to eat some junk that makes you feel badly. Gas, headaches, skin rashes, brain fog and asthma are just some of the different things people experience because of the food they eat.

If you take it a step further, there are things we can eat in the place of others to avoid the bpa and other chemicals we find in our food. The question is, how do we know what to look for? That’s where the “Food babe” comes in. Because of my day job and teaching the strength and conditioning classes for a sports club, I don’t get much time to just zap around Youtube, Facebook etc.. While enjoying a quite retreat I saw this blog post from the “Food Babe.” It’s worth the read. It seems that the foodies don’t have to fast during plane trips anymore.

She does good work. Check it out here.

Working the hours I work sometimes, it’s hard to get the training in that I used to do.hardcore and functional logo Also with the fact that I am doing more escrima training now as well. As a result, I squeeze a kettlebell complex in when I can. I’ll be posting a video on the blog next. It might give a few people some ideas. Once you look at what you have around you, you can find things to do to stay in “good working order.” There will be some more content put up to showcase some of the training, that I do for sports clubs and groups now. As I have mentioned, if your club is looking for a trainer to help with strength and conditioning of members, write an email and we can talk about the details.

That’s it for now, ya’ll take care.

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Important note!

Check it out folks!

Latosa Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts

I’ll make this fast folks. I was asked if I wanted to do some seminars/workshops in the near future. I was led to think they were normal open workshops.

It turns out that they are not. I have removed the person as a friend on FB and asked my FB friends to share my post regarding this. I will not train / teach members of any extreme political or religious group.

My brother’s child is of mixed race, some of my best friends have been black, Spanish and more. I am a mix of many races and countries. I can become angry at what I see happening around us, but right is right and wrong is wrong.

Sorry about having to put politics on the blog guys.

Ya’ll have a great day


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What is an EDT?

What is an EDT?

hardcore and functional training terminologyI hope ya’ll are doing well. This blog post will be a kind of Terminology post for General Strength and Conditioning. There will be more as time goes by and as I get the chance to put them up. SOOOOO, if you have questions, now is the time to send them in. I’ll do my best to answer them.

EDT stands for Escalating Density Training. The idea is a given superset of exercises are performed for a set time. The idea is to increase the work performed over a set number of days. In a typical HardCORE class, the EDT is part of the training for at least two weeks. There are other versions of EDT in which there might not be a super set. A single exercise can be performed with in a set time. Regardless of the version, the idea is to perform more work by way of number of repetitions or by way of more weight as time goes by.

A typical HardCORE EDT could look like some of these examples:

  • 5 KB snatches, 5 single hand wings, 5 asymmetric squats. All done for 10 minutes.
  • 5/5 1/3 t-get-up, 5/5 renegade rows, 5 sprinters step ups
  • 8 sandbag overhead squats, 5 sandbag cleans, 10 push-ups

The mix of exercise used in an EDT can vary based on the goal. Full body training with in 1 or two EDT’s is an example. This version is what I am using at the moment with the ice skaters whom I teach 3 times a week. The more experienced you are the more you can build up training programs for specific goals. When training myself I have done full body training in a 15 minute EDT with 4 exercises.  In an advanced HardCORE class I used to teach at the WT Center, there were 15 minute EDT’s.

That’s it for now, I’ll keep this short because there will be more post of this sort in the near future.

Ya’ll have a great day.

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Sternoclavicular joint injuries and rehab training.

There’s some good information here for people who are training a shoulder injury up. Enjoy!

Latosa Concepts, Filipino Martial Arts

Sternoclavicular joint injuries and rehabilitaion training.

Screen shot 2014-03-15 at 9.45.44 AMI hope ya’ll are doing well. The subject for this post entry is going to be injury rehabilitation for a sternoclavicular joint injury. It’s been a while since I posted something and this subject seemed appr. considering, I have been out of action for a while. It’s called the sternoclavicular joint. It’s one of those injuries only a few doctors see. Add to that the mentality that the doctors have here in DK and you better start looking into things on your own ( personal experience! ). Looking at what I can do today and how bad it was after the accident I feel very lucky. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Before we get too far into it. This entry is based on what I went through / am going through with my sc-joint injury. Find a good therapist to help you with…

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