Airport food with the Food Babe and an update.

hardcore and functional food talkI hope ya’ll are doing well. I ran across the blog entry below and thought it was appr. regarding the summer vacation. Many people are traveling and there are those who try not to feel badly because they eat the airport food or some other food.

It’s no secret that my family eats paleo’ish / primal’ish or just real food as it can said. Once you get used to knowing, how it feels to feel good because of the food you eat, it becomes hard to eat some junk that makes you feel badly. Gas, headaches, skin rashes, brain fog and asthma are just some of the different things people experience because of the food they eat.

If you take it a step further, there are things we can eat in the place of others to avoid the bpa and other chemicals we find in our food. The question is, how do we know what to look for? That’s where the “Food babe” comes in. Because of my day job and teaching the strength and conditioning classes for a sports club, I don’t get much time to just zap around Youtube, Facebook etc.. While enjoying a quite retreat I saw this blog post from the “Food Babe.” It’s worth the read. It seems that the foodies don’t have to fast during plane trips anymore.

She does good work. Check it out here.

Working the hours I work sometimes, it’s hard to get the training in that I used to do.hardcore and functional logo Also with the fact that I am doing more escrima training now as well. As a result, I squeeze a kettlebell complex in when I can. I’ll be posting a video on the blog next. It might give a few people some ideas. Once you look at what you have around you, you can find things to do to stay in “good working order.” There will be some more content put up to showcase some of the training, that I do for sports clubs and groups now. As I have mentioned, if your club is looking for a trainer to help with strength and conditioning of members, write an email and we can talk about the details.

That’s it for now, ya’ll take care.

C Williamson