IMG_0938Chris Williamson is a personal trainer, hardCORE (functional training) coach and speed & agility coach. He is also an experienced self-defense instructor with many years of experience.

Before focusing more time on fitness and wellness, he worked as an orthopedic shoemaker and cobbler. He trains many of the same training programs he teaches clients to use. He is also active in FMA, Filipino Martial Arts.

At the moment he is working with ice skaters to better performance and injury reduction via functional training.

Water sports such as swimming, water polo and scuba diving were once a passion.  For the last 20+ years, he has lived in the Copenhagen area with his family. Clients can be instructed in English or Danish.

More information about his thoughts and experiences in martial arts and self-defense can be seen at

Some pictures from personal training and classes can be seen at this account. More information  will be posted her on the blog and other media sites as the website takes shape.

Contact Chris here on the blog’s Contact Page.



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