There once was a family

This is the story of a family that lives in Denmark. The father is a from Texas and the mother is Danish. They have a son who is filled with energy. He is a boy who likes to play outside, run and jump.

The mother grew up in a struggling family and the food they ate reflected that. Pourage was one of the things they ate quite a lot. Her mother worked and saved money in many ways.

The father also came from a struggling family. He had the advantage of living outside the city for parts of his life and around the water during other parts of his life. This meant wild game and fish were on the table quite often. There were times during his upbringing when raw milk was on the table and other times when large amounts of fresh caught shrimp, crabs and fish were on the table. There were other times when food was scarce and macaroni and cheese were a staple of the diet. Oatmeal was another.

The father was a meat eater, with a capital M, who changed his ways when he moved to Denmark. He tried to learn from the Danish ways and traditions. He learned to drink wine instead of jack and coke. He was told that red meat was bad for you, so he started eating white meat as much as possible. The same thing happened with oats, he learned to eat oats with milk poured over them because it was supposed to be good for him. Being active and having to do labour intensive work kept him in shape.

This was actually when he started to learn that what he felt was good for him in Texas was good for him in Denmark. All the psychology books started to help him question why he did what he did. Reading several book a week open many doors.

The couple was very happy together. At some point in time, being a weekend mother to the fathers daughter made the mother want to have child of her own. They had a boy. Life went on, the family struggle but they were happy.

At some point in time the father developed asthma. He stopped working as a shoemaker and found other ways to make a living. The mother became a reflexologist who had customers on the side as well as having a normal 8:00 to 5:00 job.

It was lucky for the father that his wife was a reflexologist. She helped to keep his asthma at bay so he could make his way through life and still be active with martial arts. He often wonder, what was going on with his body. He felt damned. The doctors said just take the medicine and you will be ok. His wife helped him with all the pain in his joint with a witches concoction of garlic and alcohol that he was supposed to take every day. The pain in all his joint went away for a while. Head aches became the norm. He developed hay fever. Once again his wife stepped in and help him. She had the problem a large part of her life as well as an allergy. It showed it self, via the skin on her hands. She had always had this problem so it was just a normal part of life. She was a gentle soul and she simply went on with life.

The father, on the other hand, would never give up. He would become very determined and had to do something about what ever the problem was to avoid feeling like a victim. The mounting physical problem were getting to be too much. Things had to be done.

Some years later and the family had more or less stayed in the same situation but now the boy was having problems with his joints. They would fill with fluid and it would have to be removed. It was a traumatic and painful experience for the boy. The needle that was jabbed into his hip was more the size of a garden hose than a needle. He trusted his parents when he was told that it was for the best and it would help make the pain go away.  His leg fell back into place and and he could use it again.

Once agin the doctors said: “take these pills” they will help. They could not say why his body was attacking itself. They said he might out grow the problem. The family would have to just wait and see. The little boy had to be careful not to jump too much and run too much. He felt imprisoned. The family did what they could.

A few years later, the situation had changed. The father had been working behind the scenes to figure out what was going on. Being surrounded by people who thought in different way helped. Having learned that acupressure had helped fixed the pain issues from a back injury at work helped him understand more. Learning that one doctor didn’t really think he had asthma while another did, made him think even more. Knowing the power of body and mind from martial arts helped once again to make him think out of the box. The many talks the parents had provoked quite a few thoughts which help the family today.

Jumping forward in time to present time the situation is better. Many books and a lot of reading behind them, the families life has changed. The boy has only growing pains which are normal when kids grow. His mother and father massage his calves when it hurts too much to sleep. He jumps, runs, and climbs trees which are too high for the parents peace of mind. His skin problem are much better. The dark bags under his eyes are gone. the pain in his body is gone. Major blood sugar swings are a thing of the past.

The mother still has skin problems, but they are getting better by the day. She can eat nuts without her skin giving her problems, if she is careful about the amount. She doesn’t train more. In fact she bikes to work less at times. She has lost weight and she feels much better.

The father has lost weight as well, he is now 94 kg. He likes the fact that his wife says that he has the body of a man half his age. He is 48, a statement like that is very good for his ego. His asthma is much better,he no longer takes medicine for it and feel no effects of his earlier problems with it. He doesn’t have migraines any more and  he has stopped having all the pains in his joints. Even the pain in his hand that comes from braking boards (when he trained karate ) are gone. The gas in his stomach is gone. His wife is very happy about that.

The whole family enjoys the fact that hay fever is no longer such a problem. The boy feels it at times but it is greatly reduced.

The man wonders why the Danish doctors don’t have the information, which has made such a drastic change in his life. Gluten is bad for you. He knows that the reason that the government agencies in Denmark and around the world don’t want to confirm the truth is that there is a lot of money involved. He wonders how doctors can have so little training and interest in nutrition and still give nutritional guidance.

The family you just read about is my family. We made changes in our lives, when we took control of our lives. Empowerment is about taking responsibility for your life and your families well being. Understanding how we can effect our well being with sleep, nutrition, training and a few other things is how we all can make changes that last.

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Chris Williamson






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