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HardCOREfunctional kettlebell training ideas nr. 1

HardCOREfunctional  kb training ideas nr. 1

I hope ya’ll are doing well. It’s time for some inspiration for the people looking for anTraining Inspiration w/ hardcore & functional idea for a training session. I’ll be posting something like this from time to time. So keep your eyes open.

What you see in the video was from when I was still doing legs one day and body/arm the next. It was part of the training, I did to work on shoulder stability for my collar bone injury. As you can deduce, I have changed things a little. I have started my old program with lighter weights.

For some of the ice skater I teach, who might find their way to this blog entry… notice the technique in the training. I did a different program than the edt’s that ya’ll do, but technique/ the weakest link principle decided when I stopped and rested. When there was not any more pop or spring in the drill anymore … I stopped. It was all about dynamic power not strength.My front squat is somewhere around 100 kilo’s depending on the day right now. What I did that day and on the days that I am looking to do something different is simple. The first set after warming up was around 20 reps, the next was ca. 15 and the last 2 were 10-12 reps. Nothing was carved into stone! when the pop was gone I stopped.

The training session is mostly for core and legs. I did some calf training as well.

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Any Hoo! That’s it for now, enjoy the sunshine  if you are in the Copenhagen area and have a great Sunday!

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