Training Forms

hardCORE training logo The hardCORE training concepts is based on:

  • Joint mobility using the z-health system.
  • 2 EDT’s with functional exercises such as asymmetric kb squats.
  • Functional core training and other supplementary exercise.
  • A cool down, which uses different systems, one of which is the Z-Health system.
  • A class last ca 55 minutes.
  • Possible equipment which can be used in a class are: kettlebells, sandbags, rings/trx, speed and agility ladders,step blocks and more.
  • Participants are built up to do complex exercises that fit their needs

See this blog post on What is an EDT?” Go to the contact page here.Contact page



There are some basic exercises which help to understand many aspects of quite a few of the kettlebell exercises. Thekettlebell træning ability to do a swing, a squat, and a turkish get-up are some of the foundational abilities. Shoulder packing, hinging at the hip, and squatting correctly are some basics abilities you build on. Based on these basic exercises many exercises and drills can be learned. A swing becomes walking swings, low pulls, high pulls, upright rows, snatches and many more exercises. The list of exercises that can be done  is long. Methods of putting exercises together to create a personal program are many.  Are you looking for the ability to do many reps, heavy explosive drills or a mix? They all can be done. A simple complex could be a clean, a side lung, a squat, a swing with a shift to the other hand and repeat. Another complex could be a snatch to a high-pull to a clean to a swing, and switch hands. Or what about a snatch to an overhead press to a reverse turkish get-up. Working out a training program is easy once you have the basics to start with. As time goes you learn more variations of exercises. Have you thought about interval training with out the running? Kettlebells can be used to do this with ease. In short kettlebells can be used to become stronger, to get used to asymmetric forces, and build your general conditioning. Click here to go to the contact page. Contact page


. personal trainingPersonal training can be the way for you. Do you need a coach to help with your lifestyle, your nutrition, or your training program? If the answer is yes, then personal training can change your life. Here are some possible goals we could work on:

  • To feel better and have more energy
  • To get rid of a few extra kilos
  • To become stronger
  • To better your conditioning
  • Injury rehab
  • Fixing your nutritional habits

To hear more about the possibilities click here and go to the contact page. Contact page

More information to come!


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